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From the very first day that you jump into your RegattaSM swimming pool, you will discover a world of change. Lie back and enjoy your changing lifestyle.

Let the refreshing water relax you and remove the tension and stress of your day. Invite friends and family over to share in your newfound fun. Spend more time outside in the sun and fresh air. Begin an exercise routine that takes you only a few steps from your living room. Discover... the quality and luxury of a Regatta pool. Discover... your backyard.

Pool Care Guide

Seasonal Guide

For pool owners, summer time is hands down the favorite time of year. Thanks to advances in technology, that period continues to expand – making early spring and late fall far more agreeable times for a refreshing dip.

With good maintenance and a few helpful water-warming tools, people in every region of the country are delighting in increased pool time.

Properly opening or closing your pool is an important part of good maintenance, and it’s an easy way to ensure a long life for your pool. As always, check with your pool builer or pool chemical professional for region-specific opening and closing procedures.

Pool Living


Landscaping can help make your backyard an inviting place to sit and unwind. Or it can help make it the center of attention. Whatever you desire—a pool, a spa, rock waterfalls or even leisure furniture—RegattaSM Swimming Pools offer a number of features to complement your personal paradise.

Keep in mind, any additions you make to the pool surroundings need to allow access for pool maintenance needs.

Everyone on Deck

Poolside decking, now available in a wide variety of durable materials and price ranges, creates easy access to your backyard oasis. The deck design can be as simple as a walkway from the backdoor to the pool’s edge or as elaborate as custom decking that encompasses the entire perimeter of the pool.

A deck adds both comfort and security to your pool – creating an ideal location for sunbathers and watchful parents alike. With the addition of outdoor furniture – from comfy chairs to dining tables – many of your traditionally indoor activities will quickly find their way to the great outdoors.

A fence helps enhance the architectural beauty of your pool, while adding an extra layer of safety, preventing unwanted access.

Backyard in Bloom

The elegant design of your pool makes it a beautiful addition to any backyard setting. To enhance that beauty, many pool owners add landscaping – from towering trees to floral burst of color.

Your pool brings a unique stature to your backyard. Landscape designs for pools are as varied as their owners. Some choose to highlight the design, complementing the tones and colors with plant life that frames the shape.

The use of landscape rocks around the perimeter of the pool is another popular choice for many pool owners. Rocks are available in a variety of colors, sizes and materials, making them suitable for any landscape setting.

Once you decide on your pool’s immediate surroundings, you’ll want to inject a little life into the overall design. Plants and flowers – either in pots on your deck or planted directly in the soil around your pool – make your pool more than just an enticing body of water. They create an alluring setting that will make your backyard the hub of activity for friends and family.

Consult with your local nursery to determine the best plants for your region. Once you have narrowed down the selection, consider these options to give your backyard oasis some personality:


Your new pool and its inviting landscaping are ideally suited for all types of gatherings. Infuse those traditionally indoor activities with a sense of fun when you move them to your new outdoor living space.

Family dinners look more like family vacations when they take place poolside. Leave the formal feel of your inside dining room behind and trade up to wide open outdoor spaces. Dining in this casual environment creates a more relaxed setting for family and friends, fostering better communication and better connections.

Poolside parties offer an exotic feel to an otherwise suburban setting. Whatever the event, the pool setting fits perfectly with your plans. Twinkling lights and a summer breeze are only enhanced by their proximity to the water.

To get the most fun per square inch, make sure your outdoor events include some in-pool entertainment. Young and old alike will appreciate a refreshing dip in your pool. As always, safety is an important part of your pool enjoyment. Be sure to reference our basic pool safety guidelines on this Web site and be certain all of your guests are aware of the rules.

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